RE: Location: Heritage Preservation, Gentrification and the Arts – An EC3 Cultural Incubator

Downtown Peterborough: a place rich in architectural heritage and symbolic meaning, a meeting and presentation place for artists and creative workers, a site of cultural production and experimentation, a crucial location for studios and rehearsal spaces, an affordable place to live. As new demographic and development pressures come to bear in the downtown area, fresh challenges and opportunities emerge to preserve and enhance the physical and social fabric of the downtown community. At this critical juncture, this EC3 Cultural Incubator asks:

  • How can the arts, culture, and heritage sectors work together to support place-based economic development that strengthens, rather than displaces, existing communities?
  • How can we ensure that our unique arts community and heritage assets are preserved and encouraged as a central aspect of our identity?

Electric City Culture Council gathered a panel of experts to Lett Architects on April 11th, 2018 to explore these questions through presentations and discussion with local arts, culture and heritage leaders. The evening was moderated by Mark Seasons, a professor at the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo, and included presentations from Erik Hanson (City of Peterborough) who discussed heritage preservation processes and trends in Peterborough, and Margie Zeidler (Urban Space Property Group) offered insights from the experience of developing the 401 Richmond site in Toronto.

The event was held on, recorded and edited on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe. It was prepared for podcast distribution by Rob Hailman for Peterborough Independent Podcasters.

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